Criminal Defense

_DSC6735-smallI have appeared in court on behalf of the accused in Pasco, Pinellas, Hernando, Hillsborough, Citrus, Orange, Polk, and Sumter Counties.

I have been personally responsible for representing Defendants in the following types of cases listed below.  The results are merely a sample of a lifetime of criminal cases I have handled.

Other attorneys list “legal services available” without informing the public of the actual results of the cases they have handled.  I believe the potential client would rather know what types of cases I have tried and handled and the results.

Type of CaseCase Result (* Jury Trial, ** Resolved without Jury Trial)
Murder 1Incompetent to stand Trial / Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity **
Murder 2Insanity Defense Jury verdict *
DUI Manslaughter; Manslaughter by Culpable Negligence; Vehicular Homicide DUI Serious Bodily InjurySentencing guidelines called for 34 years to life imprisonment. Plead downward to 8 years. **
Attempted Murder / Aggravated BatteryPlead to simply Battery **
Vehicular Homicide (Manslaughter (3) Victims)Plead to one (1) year **
Grand Theft 3 FelonyNot Guilty *
Grand Theft 2 FelonyJury verdict white collar crime scheme to embezzle from a bank *
Involuntary Sexual Battery (Rape)Jury verdict attempted sex battery (lesser included) *
Aggravated Assault(s)Plead to simple assault (Misdemeanor)
DWLSR (Habitual Traffic OffenderPlead to Misdemeanor **
Felony DUI (5th DUI as Charged)Plead to Misdemeanor DUI **
DUI Serious Bodily Injury and InjuryCourt dismissed Serious Bodily Injury; plead DUI (misdemeanor) **
Armed Robbery (as charged at time of ArrestPlead to Unarmed Robbery **
Felon in Possession of Concealed FirearmPlead to carrying concealed weapon (Misdemeanor) **
Arrested Felon in Possession of Firearm / Ammunition No Information filed, i.e. cased dismissed. **
KidnappingJury verdict of Not Guilty *
False ImprisonmentJury verdict *
Felony Possession Marijuana (Trafficking)Reduced to simple possession **
Trafficking in Prescribed Narcotics (Drugs) - in some instances requiring minimum Mandatory sentences in D.O.C.Plead after negotiated reduction in charges to Probation **
Felony Battery on person over 65Plead to Simple Battery (misdemeanor) **
Felony BatteryPlead to Simple Battery (misdemeanor) **
Investigation for Arson of Restaurant and adjacent buildingsNo arrest made **
Battery on pregnant womanPlead to Simple Battery **
Animal AbuseState sought 1 year County Jail for each animal abused; plead probation; no jail **
RICO (Racketeering Corrupt Org.) Organized gambling - multiple countsPlead; negotiated down to probation **
White Collar Crimes - arrested for 2nd Degree Felony (home construction fraud)State elected not to charge Defendant - No Information filed **
Battery Law Enforcement OfficerNot Guilty *
Resisting Arrest With ViolenceNot Guilty *
Resisting Arrest Without ViolenceNot Guilty *
Unlawful Sexual Battery with Minor Plead at Downward Departure Hearing **
Unlawful Sexual Battery with MinorPlead based on "Romeo-Juliet" Law to reduced penalty **
Felony Failure to Register as Sex OffenderPlead to Misdemeanor **
Altered V.I.N. NumbersNo Information filed, i.e. case Dismissed
Business Sales Tax Evasion / TheftNegotiated **
Petit Theft / ShopliftingNot Guilty (multiple cases) *
DUI'sNot Guilty (multiple cases) *
BUI'sPlead to Reckless Boating **
BatteryJury verdict of Not Guilty *
Domestic Violence casesPlead to Disorderly Conduct, No Information filed, ie. case dismissed. *

 Non-Jury Trials

Violations of Probation – multiple types

JV Delinquency cases (crimes committed by juveniles)

Hearings / Motions

Motions to Suppress Evidence – Such as drugs / contraband – untaxed state cigarettes, breath test results, field sobriety tests.

Motions to Dismiss – (Traffic stops) which lead to arrests for DUI / Drugs

Bail / First Appearance and Bond Reductions

Division of Motor Vehicles – Formal and Informal Review (Drivers License Revocation hearings)

Regardless of which attorney you hire, it’s important to consult with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.  Just two examples supporting early consultation and hiring of your attorney:

1.  Arrest:  Simply because you’ve been arrested for a Felony does not necessarily mean that you will be formally charged with that offense (or) any offense.  The State Attorney normally conducts a live investigation within seven (7) working days of arrest to determine what, if any, charges to bring.  If there are facts that exonerate you (or) mitigate against filing the formal information (or) charging document, it can and should be done within that seven (7) day period.

2.  DUI: You have ten (10) days to formally act to save your drivers license.  This is jurisdictional with the DMV and the ten (10) days will not be waived.


The results listed above should not be viewed as a guarantee of what may or will happen in your case.  The facts and law as presented to the State Attorney’s Office, a judge, or a jury will ultimately yield the results.

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No matter which attorney you ultimately choose, I sincerely wish you the best.